The Evolution of Mad Sails

Mad Sails is a well-established sail loft, located just outside Madison, Wisconsin, that is owned and run by Ryan Malmgren and his wife, Stacey Rieu. Using top quality sailcloth from the USA, Ryan designs and makes the sails himself with a careful attention to detail that cannot be matched by overseas mass production. Despite the high quality, Mad sails are typically less expensive than other brands. And you can’t beat the personal attention provided by Ryan and Stacey!

Ryan Malmgren graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. In the late 1980s, he moved to Chicago and took a stab at Law School, but it made him miserable. Subsequently, he decided to follow his sailing passion and took a job at Goose Island Sailmakers. Moving to Seattle in the early 1990s, he taught sailing at the Puget Sound Sailing Institute and worked production with Jack Christiansen at Shore Sails. After a few years, Jack acquired North Sails and established a sales and service loft with Ryan as the service manager. In 2003, Malmgren returned to his Midwestern roots in Madison, Wisconsin, and opened his own production loft -- Mad Sails.

Ryan grew up sailing dinghies, and over the years, he became an expert sailor in a variety of boats including Flying Scots, J/24s, MCs, and various other one-designs. He has used his lifetime of competitive sailing experience and over 25 years of sailmaking experience to create unique sail designs that go fast.

  Congratulations to Mad Sailors

The following winners are NOT professional sailors paid to compete with Mad sails.

John and Connie Eckhart placed second in the 2019 New England District Championship in Rockport, MA. Gary Werden and Brandon Dickerman, fellow Mad sailors from Massapoag Yacht Club, came in fourth, losing a tiebreaker for third.

Congratulations to our good friends and Mad sailors Mark and Maria Benner on finishing first in the 2019 Ohio District Championship!

Mark Swanson and John Eckart won the 2018 Flying Scot Fall 48 Regatta and Atlantic Coast Championship at Lake Norman! Congratulations!

Tyler Andrews and Bill Bruss nailed second place at the 2018 Flying Scot North American Championships. Way to go! 

At the very competitive 2018 Flying Scot Midwinters, Mad sailors had a fantastic showing! In the Championship Division, David Ames and PJ Buhler and Mark Swanson and Mike Hennessy placed second and fourth respectively and, between them, WON four of the five races.

In the Challenger Division of the 2018 Midwinters, Mad sailors won four of the top seven places. Bill Vogler, Peg Woodworth, and Carey Seven took first while Greg and Diane Kampf placed third. Congratulations to all!

Mad sailors, David Neff and Jason Hair, took first place in the 2017 Atlantic Coast Championship championship fleet. Good work!

Excellent Flying Scot sailors, Bruce and Lynn Kitchen, took first at the 2016 Glow in the Dark Regatta, the 2017 Buckeye Regatta, and the 2017 Egyptian Cup Regatta. They placed second at the 2016 Ephraim Regatta and the 2017 Indy Regatta.

Greg and Diane Kampf sailed to second place in the Challenger Division at the 2017 Flying Scot Midwinters and took first place at the 2016 Roger Punzi Memorial Regatta.

Roger and Kate Sharp placed first at the 2016 Flying Scot New England District Championship and the 2016 Saratoga Lake Invitational Regatta- Championship Division. Roger, along with Laura Favecchio, also took an impressive third in the Championship Division at the 2016 Flying Scot North American Championship.

Deb Aronson and Ben Williams won the 2016 Flying Scot Midwest District Championship.

Rob and Maggie Fowler won the challenger division at the 2016 Flying Scot North American Championship. Lynn Bruss, Deb Aronson, and Stacey Rieu won the womens' division.

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